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Kiddie World Daycare and Learning Center is here to provide a loving, safe, developmentally appropriate education and child caring environment for children between the ages of 6 weeks old to school-age (12 years old).   Our quest to support the children’s desire to become life-long learners—has made us to strategically position ourselves to provide a stimulating early childcare and education experience.  This will help us to promote all children’s emotional, motor, social, cognitive and physical development.  We are here to take some of the burden off the shoulders of working parents and those who are in school and have other commitments during the day.



Kiddie World’s vision is to engage all the children placed in our care in a high quality God centered educational environment.  This will help us equip, motivate and challenge the children in our care to reach their God’s given potentials in all aspects of human endeavor, including: spiritually, academically, politically, technologically, economically, physically and socially.  In pursuit of Christ’s call to excellence in life; Kiddie World intends to become the icon in our society, by setting an exemplary Childcare Center that is filled with God’s love, trust and care.  We will be having a pioneering and engaging curriculum and teaching practices that are very well rounded programs, and appropriate techniques that are just right for your ward’s advancement.  We desire to inculcate, imbibe, and help prepare and inspire all the children in our care to impact their society with the knowledge and God’s love acquired here at our center—before, during and after school program. 

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